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  • OFFICES | HKS Relocation

    OFFICES ARGENTINA Bompland 1823, C1414, Buenos Aires. Av. Corrientes, 127 Piso 7 Oficina 708, CABA , Buenos Aires Argentina ​ +54 9 11 5977 4034 BRAZIL Alamenda Santos, 905, 10th floor, São Paulo SP Rua Pamplona, 818, 9th Jardim Paulista São Paulo - SP Brazil ​ +55 11 3170 1670 CHILE Alamenda Santos, 905, 10th floor, São Paulo SP Av. Apoquindo, 2930 Oficina 201 OS Las Condes Santiago - Chile ​ +56 9 6308 0500 MEXICO Cordoba 42-104, Colonia Roma, 06700, Alcadia Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City. Av. Moliere 310, Polanco, Mexico City Mexico +52 55 2560 5471 PERU Cordoba 42-104, Colonia Roma, 06700, Alcadia Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City. Cmdte. Juan Fanning 303, Miraflores Lima Peru +51 1 4469135 USA 112 East Pecan St., Suite 1616, San Antonio, TX, 78205. 1314 E Las Olas Blvd Suite 1086 Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA ​ +1 407564 3433 EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION AT THE SERVICE OF GLOBAL MOBILITY

  • ADVANTAGES | HKS Relocation

    ADVANTAGES 1. SERVICE FLEXIBILITY AND AVAILABILITY At HKS, our service is fully based on the 24/7 concept. ln other words, in addition to services during standard business hours, our team has the flexibility to provide services outside normal business hours, including on weekends. We understand that the areas of immigration and relocation require a high degree of availability since unforeseen events can happen at any time of the day or night, or even on weekends. These situations require a team fully connected with the client. 3. OUR OWN STRUCTURES AND TEAM AT STRATEGIC LOCATIONS Over our 20 years of experience, we at HKS have kept pace with our clients' activities and organized structures and teams of our own at strategic locations, always with a focus on maintaining our standards and methods of service. 2. DIRECT PARTNER PARTICIPATION IN SERVICES Direct partner participation in the services we provide is a fundamental pillar of the way we work at HKS. We strongly believe that direct partner involvement in each case entrusted to us, regardless of its complexity, ensures a higher degree of commitment and responsibility for the result we deliver to our clients. ​ ​ ​ 4. LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS The maintenance of long-term relationships is one of our hallmarks. We believe the best relationships are those that allow us to understand the culture of the companies we serve and to add value to their businesses. To this end, we seek long-term relationships because these allow us to really participate in our clients’ work. 1 e 2 3 e 4

  • GLOBAL SERVICES | HKS Relocation

    GLOBAL SERVICES IMMIGRATION SERVICES • Work visas based on employment relationship; • Work visas based on technical assistance; • Visas extension; • Residence based on international agreements; • Residence based on offspring or marriage; • Family reunification; • Obtaining all types of local documents (e.g.: 1D cards, driver license, tax registration, social security registration, etc.); • Obtaining all types of certificates (eg, birth, marriage, criminal, social security, tax, etc.); • Legalization of documents before local public notaries; • Legalization of documents based on the Apostille Convention; • Advice on d rafting employment contracts; • Drafting technical cooperation agreements; • Drafting and reviewing international expatriates policies. DESTINATION SERVICES • Reception upon arrival; • Advising services for accommodations; • Familiarization visit; • Selecting and visiting potential residences (Home Searching); • Negotiating rental agreements; • lnspecting the chosen residence; • Assisting with purchase of furniture and appliances; • Hiring domestic services; • Visiting schools and helping in the registration process; • Support in terminating rental agreements; • Assistance in canceling domestic services; • Cross-cultural training. TAX ADVISING • Planning international personnel transfer rules in compliance with tax law; • Analyzing the tax status of expatriates in foreign countries for tax compliance; • Preparing annual income tax returns and declarations of departures; • Preparing the monthly calculation of income tax; • Applying for income tax clearance certificates; • Preparing tax equalization calculations. EXPATRIATION POLICIES • Preparing the expatriation policies in compliance with applicable laws of each country; • Preparing the salary and benefits policies in the context of an expatriation; • Researching the best market practices and advising on implementing the appropriate policies; • Preparing the salary calculation in the context of an expatriation, including the appropriate research on cost of living in the applicable country. IMMIGRATION SERVICES DESTINATION SERVICES TAX ADVISING EXPATRIATION POLICIES

  • INÍCIO | HKS Relocation

    EXCELENCIA E INNOVACIÓN HKS GROUP Botão Botão Botão Botão IMMIGRATION SERVICES More DESTINATION SERVICES More TAX ADVISING More EXPATRIATION POLICIES More ACERCA DE NOSOTROS Constituida en 2001, HUSSEIN es una de las empresas más tradicionales en el área de la Movilidad Internacional que opera en Brasil, habiendo ampliado sus horizontes en la última década, convirtiéndose en un importante participante regional, con una fuerte presencia en los países de América Latina y titular de la marca HKS, conocida internacionalmente. More ADVANTAGES More OFFICES HKS provides global mobility services in many different countries around the world, with the support of local representatives in each one of the destinations, ensuring quality services to its customers. More CONTACT CONTACTO Sao Paulo (Sede) Teléfono: +55 11 3170.1670 Dirección: Alameda Santos, 905 - Piso 10 Cerqueira César - São Paulo - SP - Brasil ​ San José de los Campos Teléfono: +55 11 3170.1670 Dirección: Av. Cassiano Ricardo, 601 - Habitación 163 Jardín Acuario - SJCampos - SP - Brasil ​ curitiba Teléfono: +55 41 3019.9315 Dirección: Rua Francisco Rocha, 198 - Habitación 24 Batel - Curitiba - PR - Brasil ​ EXCELLENCE AND INNOVATION AT THE SERVICE OF GLOBAL MOBILITY Inquiry type Mandar ¡Gracias por enviar!

  • ABOUT US | HKS Relocation

    ABOUT HKS GLOBAL With over 20 years of experience, HKS GLOBAL RELOCATION is a U.S. based consulting company with international presence, which offers a variety of relocation solutions such as immigration, tax advising, move management, and destination services to organizations and individuals. The HKS GLOBAL RELOCATION trademark is a result of a merger of renowned consulting companies in Latin America that decided to form a united identity after many years of collaboration in several projects. HKS GLOBAL RELOCATION works with each client to structure customized relocation solutions based on industry best practices, assisting them to achieve their business goals and objectives. Our client base consists of businesses from a variety of industries, including automobiles, foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, engineering, information technology, telecommunications, textiles, education, finance and others. ABOUT US MISSION To provide services that positively impact the mobility of people around the world. MISSION VISION To become a relevant international player in issues involving the mobility of people and businesses around the world. VISION VALUES To act with ethic and integrity. To encourage diversity and inclusion. To provide services with diligence and technical responsibility. To value humanity in interpersonal relationships. To believe in ongoing and sustainable growth. VALUE

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